Presidential hopeful of Djibouti

November 30, 2009

The job description of the first lady of Djibouti and her husband are as follows;

The first lady is the Interior President among other things of this one City State; it seems that she is in full control of everything that goes on. She strategically positioned her people (her tribe and other minorities) in the important places, the presidential entourage is the good example how she manipulate who the president meets and when he meets in domestic issue, and she has her own supporters like the former colonial masters, the former colonial master are in continues material and information support to stay foot, She might get angry sometimes if he tries to interfere the domestic issue of this one city-state, as Somali group, we have tradition if the lady of the house gets mad she can only go to her immediate tribe in her case naturally it should be the so-called Somaliland right next door, but she has a tendency to go far way France and champion the feminist cause, where she feels sympathy with Mrs. Boreal every time she goes there thus Boreal saga comes to media spotlight again and again

On the other hand, Her husband the Exterior President is in charge only the foreign affair of this one City State, his darling envoy to the wealthy oil rich Middle Eastern investors, and his business partner was Mr Borreh until the first lady interrupted that relationship, the dispute between Borreh and the first lady has been who will be the successor of her husband, she has her ambition and working extra hard to replace the moron her husband. Although she has already in campaign mode and she continuously appears in media, she has been strengthening her financial situation. Unlike the first lady Mr. Borreh looks like the natural successor who has no major opposition from the majority group, perhaps he was hand-picked too early or he became the victim of his unparalleled success.

Speaking about the former colonial master the Frenchy, they have interest in the geo-political situation of the region. Besides having military base the major companies like Colluzz , Cosmez, Marill,Coubech and Savo Ries ( recently has been importing a large manpower from Eastern Europe) and so on belong to them, the only local company that could complete with above mentioned giants was Suprime run by Mr Borreh. It is no co incident to ransack Suprime, Nomad Security and many more of Mr. Borreh Group of companies has been ransacked by Interior President own so-called Republican Guard (500 Presidential security guard) while the Exterior president had been in Canada for the Francophone summit. The toy Cop Mohamed Djama and Qombaar Madoobr known as Hassan Maboobe were also instrumental for dismantling and inheriting parts of Borreh Group of Companies, shame on you. Qunbaar Madoobe and the toy Cop by became the scavenger hunting the half dead body of their own brother, what kind of human being are they?

When asked Former South African President Nelson Mandela why the ANC and Zulu can get along during apartheid era? His answer was “there is a third hand”, in this case why the first lady and her husband can get along for the sake of this country interest. The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do. So we don’t need to repeat what the wise man said, the French and others should stop intervene the internal affair of this country. We have witnessed the huge investment From the Middle East that has transformed the country, as African nation we are sick and tired of business as usual from Old countries (Western Countries) conditional aid and loans from IMF and World Bank that are famous for its austerity measures. There is always foreign country interference, but it is more than that It seems as if they are in the back seat driver these days the way that the day-to-day affairs are managed in this one city-state of ours.


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November 30, 2009

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